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About Us


Beschreibung: Jo photo.jpgWith over twenty-five years management experience working with Marks and Spencer plc, Severn Trent Water Ltd and NSPCC, Noblesse Training and Consultancy has the experience and the expertise to enable organisations, charities  and individuals to reach their full potential. 

Our training programmes help employees to learn new skills and to further develop exisiting abilities in order to make themselves and their organisations successful and profitable.  By offering a tailored consultancy service, we can help you with a full range of management issues, from a full strategic review to the recruitment of key staff and the development of your resource base.

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About the Company – Noblesse, doing the right thing

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Our name –

In accordance with the chivalric code, it was essential for a knight in the Middle Ages to demonstrate;

 ÒNoblesseÓ - they must be diligent in study, enhance their knowledge of the world, practice their skills, use their natural gifts to do the right thing and generate goodness, thereby enriching their life and the lives of those around them.

Working with companies and charities, at Noblesse we aim to do the right thing by developing your key asset, your team, to give them the skills they need to move your organisation forward.

Our consultancy service gives cost-effective, practical solutions to your management issues, so that you can take immediate action and make measurable progress.


Our Services – For Charities


ÒA pleasure to work with and a true champion for helping charities achieve good revenues in an honest and morally right way.Ó William Souvatzoglou, Director, GT Packaging

Fundraising Consultancy and Training


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With over 20 years senior management experience working with major charities including the NSPCC, Birmingham ChildrenÕs Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities, Noblesse Training and Consultancy has the proven experience and extensive knowledge to help your organisation to achieve its fundraising goals.



Strategic Fundraising Review

By assessing the current position of your fundraising operation, opportunities to increase income and improve productivity can be swiftly highlighted and a full report prepared for your board of trustees.

Scaled and tailored to suit your charityÕs needs and budget, the strategic fundraising review assesses the main factors affecting your fundraising.  The review involves: 

an internal audit of;



Fundraising Strategy Development


So you know where you currently stand with your fundraising capabilities and current income levels, so how do you bridge the gap between what you currently achieve and the level of funds that you want to raise?  Noblesse can help your charity to design and develop an achievable and measurable fundraising strategy, working with your team to:



Fundraising Feasibility Studies


Considering a Capital Campaign but unsure if your charity can attract the support of key donors at the right level to support a major appeal?  With the experience of conducting multi-million pound feasibility studies and campaigns for a range of charities, Noblesse Consultancy services can help your charity to assess where, how and who could support your appeal. We can offer:



Training and Development


With over 20 years experience training fundraisers across a range of disciplines and currently providing courses for the Directory of Social Change, Noblesse Training can train your fundraisers in the key skills that will help your charity to increase its funds.

Whether your staff are relatively new to fundraising, or if your managers need to enhance their existing skills, bespoke training can be provided at your location by our experienced trainers, minimizing cost and maximizing attendance levels.

Areas covered include;

á       The Donor Journey - Developing Long-Term Donor RelationshipsBand A: Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of up to £500,000.



Band B: Voluntary and community organisations with a turnover of over £500,000.

Band C: Statutory and commercial organisations.





Working in conjunction with Bruce Tait Associates, one of the UKÕs leading charity recruitment specialists, we can find your ideal candidate to fill your resource gap.  Whilst we have significant expertise in recruiting fundraisers, we also recruit for all senior charity positions – including Chief Executives, Directors, Trustees and Senior Managers in all disciplines.

We can also source and provide highly experienced Interim Managers at times of change or to fill the gaps between people leaving and new staff joining you.

Covering the UK and Ireland, every member of our recruitment team has substantial voluntary sector experience and has worked in a senior post in a charity for a minimum of ten years.

Our process is based around our unique database of over 7000 potential candidates. We also offer our clients access to our extensive networks throughout the voluntary sector, a highly regarded website and extensive emedia platforms.

We provide a complete service; from developing the job description and person specification to handling all enquiries for the role, to helping organise interviews and post interview communication.

To find out how we can save you time and money, and provide you with excellent staff – contact us!


Our Services – For Companies


ÒLeadership and learning are indispensable to each other.Ó

John F. Kennedy


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Dr Edward de BonoÕs

Six Thinking Hats¨


Imagine it.  Your team has the skills and techniques that they need to create innovative ideas, select the best option and to follow a shared vision.  Fast.  Simple.  Effective.

It's not impossible. In fact, it's straightforward. Once they know how.  That's where Dr. Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats¨ comes in.

This systematic method of thinking in a completely new and different way will provide you and your employees with skills and tools that they can apply immediately!  See results in days, not months.
Ever emerged from a meeting feeling that nothing has been achieved? No decisions made or no clear direction?  Or feel that your team is stuck, lacking new ideas and innovations?

Six Thinking Hats¨ is a simple, efficient technique that makes meetings shorter and more effective, whilst helping both individuals and groups to become more productive.

Noblesse Training and Consultancy can train you, your team and your organization to evaluate ideas productively and to make the right decision faster.  Some of the key benefits that our clients report include; reduced conflict, increased cooperation, higher quality of thinking, greater generation of new ideas, individual empowerment, and an improvement in cross-cultural interaction.  


Read more here (document: Six Thinking Hats)


Specialised Training


Noblesse can help your business with training programmes tailored to meet your needs.  Our specialisms include;

Only 2% of the UKÕs CEOÕs are female – Noblesse can help your organization to redress the balance through a series of half-day and one day development workshops, for both women and their male colleagues.  Developed in conjunction with female executives and business leaders from organizations including Deloitte, McDonaldÕs, the NHS and Gateley, this programme builds on proven experience to build a supportive framework for the development of female business managers and leaders.

Noblesse offers training in key business areas including;

v Strategy an d planning

v Presentation Skills – Making an Impact

v Step into Management – key skills for new managers

v Selling with Success


As an accredited De BonoÕs Six Thinking Hats Thinking training provider, Noblesse can train your team to use parallel thinking techniques to generate new ideas, lead more productive meetings and to follow a shared vision (link to De Bono page)

Using a range of tools including psychometric testing and individual profiling, Noblesse offers individual coaching and mentoring to individuals and teams


Having an objective facilitator to direct your meetings can save you time and lead to more effective decisions being made.  Noblesse works with your executive team to ensure that your meeting is successful and productive.

Noblesse offers consultancy advice in a range of areas for your business.  Contact us for more information.



William Souvatzoglou
Director at GT Packaging Limited

ÒJo always makes sure things are transparent and ethical. A pleasure to work with and a true champion for helping charities achieve good revenues in an honest and morally right way. Jo has compassion and dedication to the causes that matter and her diplomacy is second to none.Ó